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ClubLife Offers A New Member Portal

ClubLife Health and Fitness is pleased to announce that we have upgraded the way we manage membership accounts through management tools by MindBody. Our members can now explore new, exciting ClubLife features in the gym, on our website, and on their phones! With the new system, members will still be able to check themselves in at the gym but they will also now be able to –

- Access account information independently at the gym

- Access account information on our website and through the MindBody app that can be downloaded here.

- Check class schedules and sign up for classes on our website as well as the app

- Receive important notifications on your phone in the event that class schedules change or if gym hours change due to inclement weather.

We understand that you will most likely have many questions. That’s ok! If you do, please comment below so that other members can see those questions and answers, too. Our staff is here and ready to assist you in this wonderful transition to better serve you. Please be patient with us as we too are adjusting to the new technology within the system. Thank you so much for your understanding and being a part of the ClubLife community!


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