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Class Schedule

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A full list of classes are below but please note that classes can be ongoing or seasonal. Please regularly refer to the class schedule above for the most up to date class availability and make inquires about class duration with the front desk.

Tone & Sculpt

A class that is great for all ages, will help build strength and cardiovascular health. Also will work on balance, coordination, and resistance training.


Intro to Weightlifting for Women

A six week course that will introduce women to the more “intimidating” areas to the gym. This will teach you how to safely, and productively incorporate resistance training into your weekly workout schedule. Intro to weightlifting will help increase confidence, and create a positive attitude for women in the gym.



A fun kettlebell class for all fitness levels! Strengthen your body, strengthen your grip, build muscle, and improve your endurance!

Express Spin

A 30 minute spin class that will increase cardiovascular endurance. The up-beat music, and knowledgeable instructor will help your 30 minutes of cardio fly by!


Zumba Basic

A slower dance based class that is good for all ages. Slower moving than regular Zumba.


Silver Circuit

A slower paced class that will help build muscle, improve movement, and give you a great total body exercise.


Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing class is an amazing aerobic experience, utilizing martial arts based kickboxing techniques to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, and balance. It’s about repetition instead of complicated choreography. So as a beginner it won’t take long to catch on.

No prior martial arts or kickboxing experience necessary. Class is designed for all fitness levels.



Another great class to add into your fitness routine for an all over exercise experience. Pilates focuses on strength, stamina, core, flexibility, and balance. This class is meant for people of all ages.


Beginner Yoga

A slower paced yoga class for all ages and abilities. This will increase flexibility, core strength, and help soothe the mind.

Kripalu Yoga

An all level yoga class for beginners and people who are experienced, Kripalu Yoga offers a challenging approach to asana practice that emphasizes meditation and breathwork., It also encourages inward focus and spiritual attunement.


Kid's Agility

The perfect way to get your kids active! They work on their agility, speed and coordination.



A 30 minute, fun, exercise class that will help with strength and cardiovascular ability. This class takes place over in the trampoline park!


Fitness Instruction

Bored with your gym routine? Mix it up with our fitness classes! Questions? Suggestions? View the class schedule and call us for pricing. Try any one of our current classes today and be sure to check back often for info on new classes. 


ClubLife Health & Fitness likes to keep things fresh! 


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