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Interested in getting a membership? Start with a no commitment, two-week free trial and then speak with the front desk to determine the right membership plan for you. Pricing for classes and personal training are available on our member portal. For membership pricing, please visit the front desk.


Be sure to also check out our discounts and referral programs below. 

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Free Two-Week Trial

We offer a free two-week trial to any prospective members. No obligation or payment information needed.


The trial form is provided at the front desk. Please note, the trial is for a consecutive two weeks not fourteen individual visits.



ClubLife Health & Fitness offers discounts for couples joining together, high school students, college students, seniors, military & veterans, and law enforcement.


We also have a corporate discount for businesses who have five or more employees join with us. Would you like to get a corporate discount? Ask your employer or work buddies to become a part of ClubLife Health & Fitness. 

In order to receive any discount, you must register or inquire with the front desk. Discounts are not given online in our member portal.



ClubLife believes in strong community ties, that's why we regularly sponsor community events, charities and local, small business. 

If you're interested in having ClubLife be a part of your event, please contact us in the contact form below.

We are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our members. 


Become a ClubLife Trainer

Are you a certified trainer or class instructor? Use the contact form below to inquire about positions available. The ClubLife family is an ever-expanding one. 

Holiday Hours

ClubLife Health & Fitness closes for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


We typically have shortened hours for Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Eve.



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